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Improving Lives

One Act of Kindness at a Time!

Proceeds from the sales of these inspirational products are used to fund The Rainbow of Hearts Foundation. Please visit for more information.

Our Rainbow of Hearts Designs

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Example Rainbow of Hearts Slogans


You are able to select one of the slogans below, or let us know your own idea or chosen name with your purchase!

  • Rainbow of Hearts

  • Rainbow of Dreams

  • Rainbow of Kindness

  • Rainbow of Serenity

  • Rainbow of Positivity

  • Rainbow of Hope

  • Rainbow of Power

  • Rainbow of Love

  • Rainbow of Adventure

  • Rainbow of Destiny

  • Rainbow of Strength

  • Rainbow of Imagination

  • Rainbow of Tomorrow

  • Rainbow of Luck

  • A Spark in the Dark / Darkness

  • When the Sun Shines Upon a Storm, a Rainbow of Hope is Born

  • With Hope in Your Heart

  • #ThankYouNHS

  • #BeKind

  • #MentalHealthMatters

  • True Love Has Four Paws

  • The "Smith" Family

  • Mum

  • Dad

  • Sister

  • Brother

  • Son

  • Daughter

  • Nan

  • Grandad

  • Cousin

  • Auntie

  • Uncle

  • Niece

  • Nephew

  • Husband

  • Wife

  • Love of My Life 

  • Neighbour

  • "Your Chosen Name"

  • Rainbow of "Your Chosen Name"

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