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Perfect Pet Careers

Everything Your Pet Needs... Everything You Want!

Our pet bakery opened in 2021 and quickly saw success with our showstopping celebration cakes for dogs and counter full of dog and cat friendly delights. There is nothing like seeing people’s faces light up in awe when they see our human replica food and treats for pets, and it’s even better to know that our products are 100% safe and healthy.  

All bakes are made with human grade organic ingredients, each coming with their own health benefits.

Far better than feeding your beloved furry with treats which have been made from scraps and unthinkable processes. 


In todays society pet owners want to treat their pets more and more, focusing on the fact that they are a true

part of the family and preferring to spend money on luxury goods and services, even in times of crisis.


Dog socialisation gatherings, pet pawties and events are also growing in popularity - all attracting the

perfect audience to promote our products and educate them why not to feed mass produced cr*p.


One of our aims is to help pet owners who are struggling with pet supplies and services - so not only will you be

helping our retail business grow, but you will be building our community programme too!

So, if you are a motivated and passionate person who is looking to earn some extra income or even embark

on a new career - our Perfect Pet Career opportunities may be just what you are looking for!


If you are a pet business professional, pet owner or even a pet lover with lots of connections and are great at communicating with other pet owners, our Pawty Plan programme is ideal for you.  


All you need to do is purchase our starter pack, which includes a selection of our products along with some promotional material and a code that you can give to your customers to ensure you receive any commission due from website sales.

How it Works

The starter pack costs £100 and contains over £150 (RRP) of our Patisserie products.

Once you receive your starter pack, you are able to sell the products and keep the money you make.  


If you find that sales doesn't work for you, there is absolutely no obligation to continue. 

If it turns out you are a natural salesperson (though you really don't need to be as our products sell themselves!)

then here are a few things you can try to increase your sales and personal income.  

New ideas are always welcome too!

Idea's for Selling Our Products

Talk to your existing customer base, friends and family and ask them to share our brochures with their contacts.  

You will earn 40% from all direct sales (e.g. you pay £100 for the stock and make £40 on it).

Organise pawties at your home, your customers home or even event venues to display our products.  

What's less invasive than hosting a dog friendly social gathering as a setting to promote our amazing cakes and treats!

Get in touch with local pet and gift shops, cafes and pubs to ask if they would be interested in stocking a

small selection of our Patisserie products.  You will earn 10% of everything the business purchases,

for as long as they purchase from us! 

You will receive 10% commission from any of your customers who purchase a Celebration Cake, 

Patisserie Subscription or Perfect Pet Club subscription from our website.  

Commission payments will be made every month for as long as they subscribe to us!

Book a stall at a local fair, festival or event to display and sell our products.  For events like these we will provide a full counter stock based on the size of the event, a Perfect Pet Patisserie apron along with promotional material. 

You will earn 40% from all sales.

Earn even more money by becoming a Stockist Manager and build a team of retail outlet stockists in your surrounding area - but be sure they are not too close together. You will need to be responsible for taking their orders and commit to being available to organise and deliver our fresh bakes once a week (usually a Thursday) to any customer you onboard, so it is important that you have access to a vehicle you can use for delivery efficiency and reliability.  

Stockist Managers earn 20% from all ongoing retailer sales.


Become THE go to doggy pawty planner for your area! By doing some research for perfect event venues locally (if you don’t already have your own), accessories and pawty entertainment ideas this can be a business in it’s own entity - and of course our fabulous products will go a long way to ensuring your unique pawties are a success!


If you are an existing retailer and would like to stock our products the start up fee is £250 which includes £150 (RRP) of products, slate display boards, baskets and signage. You will need a cool dry environment and a counter area of approximately 2 foot x 2 foot. This can be expanded over time if you have a good customer base.  Stockists receive a 40% discount on all our counter products and are asked for a £10 delivery contribution.  Once you have tested your initial delivery you are able to order weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even just for seasonal events. 


If you are an experienced baker and decorator (or would love to learn how!) and fancy opening your own Perfect Pet Patisserie & Gifts shop, please start by doing market research of the prospective location to analyse whether or not you are likely to attract enough visitors to make it work. You would need to be prepared to comply with all pet food manufacturing regulations and locate, secure and decorate your own retail premises in our brand colours. Our Franchise Licence is £25,000 (this is on top of the cost of your premises). We pay for the shop fittings, appliances, signage, promotional material, uniforms and initial stock; provide as much training and support as you need and of course provide you with a manual of our recipes, processes and suppliers.  Updates will be delivered as relevant.


We collect royalties of 20% of your sales from your opening day.  This contributes to our national advertising and expansion costs.  Once you have successfully traded for 12 months, our royalty payment reduces to 10%.

General Information

All of our products are grain free and can be made to suit your customers dietary requirements.

We currently do not use any unprocessed / animal by products in our recipes.

You can order weekly, monthly or whenever suits you!  

The deadline for each Thursday delivery is the previous Sunday evening.

The minimum order for a delivery of stock is £50.  All orders are sent via Special Delivery and we ask for a £10 contribution towards the postage and packaging costs for orders less than £200.

Pawty Plan Agents & Pawty Planners: You are able to choose your own pay day for commissions accrued.  

All website sales that have cleared in our account the day prior will be included in each payout.


If you would like to further increase your income potential, we can add on branded products to your Patisserie order:

Branded Pet Treats

KONG Products

Branded Pet Food

Rainbow of Hearts Products

Branded products will be sold to you at 10% above the wholesale price we pay to cover the time spent ordering, organising deliveries and repacking.  With the exception of the Rainbow of Hearts range,

you are free to set your own prices for individual products.

Please get in touch for more information about our career opportunities:





Our Pet Patisserie is a pet food manufacturing business and therefore has to comply with the following regulations:

  • We are registered with Trading Standards and Bradford Council as a pet food manufacturer. Licence number: GB 437 1254

  • We are insured as a pet food manufacturer and pet supplies retailer.

  • Small samples from batches of our products are regularly tested by Northern Hygiene Laboratories and a small sample of every batch made is kept on our premises for 2 weeks following production.

  • We keep records of all suppliers, supplies deliveries, batch numbers and their associated customer orders or counter product creation.

  • We do not currently use animal by products in our recipes, though are awaiting assessment from APHA to be able to do so. 

  • The ingredients we use in our products include: organic grain free flour and baking powder, organic fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, organic (pure) maple syrup, organic coconut oil, dog friendly peanut butter and pre-approved treats for decoration and filling.

  • We do not use any additives or preservatives in our baking.  Because of this, please be aware of the average shelf life of our products: plain cakes - 2 weeks; plain cookies - 12 weeks; decorated cakes & cookies - 7 days.  If you are able to keep our products in a cool dry environment this will help them last longer.  Humidity and condensation spoil our products very quickly (within 2-3 days), so if your storage or display environment is subject to either or both, our products may not be suitable for you.

  • All packaged products are labelled with our company name, licence number, product ingredients and feeding advisories.

  • All unpackaged product information is listed on an information sheet included with every delivery.

  • Though our products can be made to suit customer dietary requirements we recommend that any customer who has a pet with dietary intolerances or health conditions receives advice from their own vet prior to feeding our products or those from any other pet food manufacturer.

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