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The benefits of pet insurance and private healthcare rolled into one.


The launch of our National Pet Health Service marks a significant milestone in pet care providing accessible, affordable and comprehensive healthcare services for pets across our nation. 


If you would like to gain access to our National Pet Health Service, please read our Constitution ahead of joining our Perfect Pet Club. Once you have joined please register for our NPHS using the form below. You will be asked to upload a recent photograph of your pet. If you are not able to do this using the feature provided please email it to us instead:

Please note we do not currently offer discounts for multi pet households. You can purchase Memberships for multiple pets at the same time by adjusting the quantity or adding an alternative Membership Package before you checkout. You will then need to register each pet separately using the form below.


We will be in touch within 3 working days of receipt of your purchase and completed registration form to confirm your Membership and discuss your individual requirements.















Register now to help build the future of our National Pet Health Service!

NPHS Registration



Why do I need to join Perfect Pet Club to register for the National Pet Health Service?

We plan for our National Pet Health Service to become a Member owned entity, meaning that its Members will make all decisions with the goals of the organisation in heart and mind. It will never be controlled by the government or corporate bodies, and will receive substantial tax relief meaning the majority of income will be spent on its Member services and Objectives.

I came on here thinking it was going to be a free service! Why is it not free?

Erm... not much is free these days... Firstly, the NHS is not free (it's paid for by our taxes and National Insurance). Secondly, as much as we like to disregard this fact pets are indeed a luxury and once we make the decision to welcome them into our lives, it is our responsibility to pay for and care for them.

I have joined and registered... what next?

We will be in touch as soon as we can to discuss your Membership Package and confirm information for each of your benefits. You will then receive a Welcome Pack containing everything you need to know. Following that, you only need to get in touch to make changes to your personal profile or if you need to make a claim for your pet. We will get in touch with you 2-3 weeks before your Membership is due for renewal to organise the following years Package and benefits.

Will the price go up?

Prices are fixed for the term of your Membership (12 months from the date of joining). We will review the prices of each Package in March and adjustments may be made to coincide with the current cost of veterinary services and supplies and volume of claims we have received to date.

Will the National Pet Health Service make normal veterinary practices redundant?

Absolutely not! Quite the opposite in fact. As your benefits include preventative treatments and routine care, it is more likely that their customer numbers will increase in turn generating more income for them. We just pay the bill instead of you, that's all!

Will there be a need for me to pay for pet insurance if I am a Member?

At present we do not offer third party liability or death, theft and straying cover; nor do we provide any Membership benefits to breeders of dogs, cats and rabbits. When we achieve PRA and FCA approval we will then be in a position to add all of these benefits to our Membership packages at no extra cost.


Your goals seem HUGE... are they likely to happen?

YES! With your help, our goals are absolutely achievable. We plan to have at least 2 centres up and running by the end of 2025.

When the National Pet Health Service becomes Member owned, will I earn money from it?

No. The NPHS exists to benefit animals and its Members with services, not physical money.

Why is the National Pet Health Service not Member owned now?

Risk. First we need to be certain that the venture will succeed. If it fails before breaking even each Member could be liable for the losses (to the extent of their subscription). Whilst under the ownership of a Company (Perfect Pet Care & Supplies Ltd), any losses would be incurred by the Company.

How many Members does the National Pet Health Service need to succeed?

There are an estimated 26.5 million pets in the UK. To succeed we need at least 5% of them to join us (which doesn't sound a lot but actually amounts to 1.3 million!). When we consider that 4.3 million pets are insured and our Membership benefits by far outweigh those that insurance companies typically offer, we are optimistic that we will surpass the minimum target within 2 years.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, are interested in taking on a role within our Committee or would like to make a donation to help our National Pet Health Service progress, please email us and we will respond as soon as we can.


Any further FAQ's which come in will be added to this section.

What are the benefits of the

National Pet Health Service to our nation?

For Businesses, the NPHS will...

  1. Lead to an increased demand for pet related products and services due to improved overall pet health and reduced costs for pet owners.

  2. Open up opportunities for veterinarians and pet care professionals to collaborate and share resources, leading to more efficient and cost-effective services.

  3. Produce standardised protocols and regulations which will streamline operations and reduce administrative burdens. 

  4. Provide opportunities for research and development in pet health technologies and treatments, leading to innovation and advancement in the field.

  5. Create potential for tax incentives or subsidies for businesses participating in pet health initiatives, encouraging greater involvement and investment in the sector.

  6. Provide businesses with a larger customer base as a result of increased pet ownership due to improved pet health awareness and accessibility to healthcare services.

  7. Provide opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves in the market by aligning with pet health initiatives and promoting ethical and sustainable practices.

  8. Provide access to training and certification programs for pet care professionals, ensuring high standards of care and professionalism within the industry.

  9. Lead to an increase in consumer trust and confidence in pet products and services due to regulation and oversight provided by the NPHS.

  10. Provide opportunities for businesses to participate in community outreach and education programs, building goodwill and loyalty amongst local pet owners.

  11. Provide potential for increased tourism and economic growth in pet-friendly destinations, attracting visitors who travel with their pets and seek pet friendly amenities and services.

  12. Increase customer loyalty and trust for businesses participating in or supporting NPHS programmes.

  13. Enhance reputation and branding for businesses supporting or participating in NPHS initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to animal welfare and wellbeing.

  14. Provide increased opportunities for networking, cross selling and partnerships, completing a comprehensive approach to pet care and providing a like minded audience for showcasing products and services.

  15. Provide businesses with data and analytics on pet health and care trends, enabling them to tailor their products and services to meet evolving customer needs.

For Communities, the NPHS will...

  1. Provide  access to affordable healthcare for pets, significantly reducing the financial burden on pet owners.

  2. Offer better control of infectious diseases through vaccination and preventative measures, leading to healthier pets.

  3. Enhance public awareness of pet health issues and responsible pet ownership, leading to improved overall animal welfare.

  4. Result in a significant reduction in the number of stray animals and unwanted litters through spaying and neutering, leading to less public health and safety concerns.

  5. Provide environmental benefits by introducing a "clean up" scheme, working with local communities to improve dog waste management.

  6. Provide access to educational resources on pet care and nutrition, empowering pet owners to make informed decisions about their pets health.

  7. Reduce the strain on animal rescue centres by promoting responsible pet ownership, responsible breeding practices, reducing the costs of pet care and offering behavioural support, therefore reducing the number of unwanted pets.

  8. Along with its partners provide support for low-income pet owners through subsidised services; ensuring all pets have access to supplies and necessary healthcare regardless of their owners financial circumstances.

  9. Promote the human-animal bond and mental health benefits associated with pet ownership, leading to happier and healthier communities.

  10. Along with its partners promote social interaction by providing dog friendly spaces for the public to use.

  11. Collaborate with schools and educational establishments to incorporate pet care and responsible pet ownership into curriculums, fostering a new generation of informed and companionate pet owners.

  12. Facilitate pet therapy programmes in healthcare, rehabilitation and educational settings, offering emotional support and companionship to individuals in need.

  13. Create countless jobs in all sectors of the pet industry.

  14. Endeavour to strengthen communities by running pet themed events and activities in local communities.

  15. Provide support for pet adoption programmes, helping to find suitable homes for unwanted and abandoned animals.

  16. Work on establishing pet friendly housing policies and accommodations, reducing housing barriers for pet owners.

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