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** Our Perfect Pet VIPF Club membership is a monthly subscription service, which you must be prepared to commit to for at least 12 months.  Your membership benefits will renew annually **


The Benefits of 3 Paw Membership:


  • A monthly pet supply box featuring popular brands - to include food, treats and other essentials.  You can view the full descriptions of our Pet Food Box collection here
  • Surprise content monthly gift box to include at least 4 items (treats and toys)
  • Shampoo, Conditioner and Spritz (as requested - up to 4 of each product per year)
  • Paw Balm, Grooming Wipes and Ear Wipes (as requested - up to 4 of each product per year)
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Zoom advice session with any of our pet professionals, along with help sourcing reputable pet professionals and suppliers in your area whenever needed
  • Personalised Birthday Cake & Treats (value £19.95)
  • Birthday Gift Set (value £19.95)
  • Halloween Gift Set (value £9.95)
  • Christmas Stocking (value £29.95)
  • Free postage for all deliveries
  • Invitation to join our private, members only facebook group - where you are able to ask any of our pet professionals advice, participate in group discussions, post pictures of your favourite furries - and even promote your pet business if applicable
  • 10% off our range of Perfect Pet Gift Boxes


Membership Add On's are available too:



Free Gifts


Every 3 months, you will be sent a free gift.  The selection of free gifts will change periodically, and an email will be sent to you 3-4 weeks before your free gift release date to ask which item you would prefer.  Our choice of free gifts currently includes:


  • Grooming Brush
  • Poo Bag Holder
  • Tick Remover
  • Nail Clippers
  • Mini Sanitiser & Holder


How It Works


Once you have joined our Perfect Pet VIPF Club, we will contact you to arrange your bespoke monthly pet supplies package, and ask the following questions:


  • Your pets birthday and current age
  • Your pets dietary requirements
  • Any allergy / sensitivity issues
  • Expected due dates for grooming products
  • If you would like any Add-On's with your ongoing subscription
  • To ask if you would like to set up a Direct Debit to pay for your ongoing subscription




  • We will not send any grooming or daily care products out until your 2nd subscription instalment has been received
  • We will not send any grooming or daily care product out any more frequently than 12 week intervals
  • Grooming and daily care products will be sent out with your monthly pet supplies box, NOT separately
  • All monthly pet supply boxes will be sent out with DPD on the 1st of each month, regardless of the date you join us


** Please choose your pet supplies box type carefully **


Cat and Bunny Membership Options Coming Soon!

AMF Perfect Pet VIPF Membership - 3 Paw

  • Please view the relevant Food Box Subscription for full information.

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