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Perfect Pet Club

Everything Your Pet Needs... Everything You Want!

Our exclusive Members only care and supplies packages. Please start by selecting your pet type to choose your perfect package or scroll down the page to read information about our unique Club.

Welcome to our Perfect Pet Club!

Our aspiration is to provide your cherished pets with everything they need - meaning that you can relax knowing all financial aspects of their daily needs are taken care of within one monthly instalment.


You are invited to choose the Membership Package which most suits your budget,

each of which provides a wealth of benefits such as:


Access to our National Pet Health Service

Discounted pet food and supplies

Access to specialist advice from pet industry professionals

Invitation to attend our Annual Event with AGM

Advertising to help find lost or stolen pets

Also know that your Perfect Pet Club Membership is helping to build the future of our National Pet Health Service with round the clock pet care and veterinary centres!

Please note that all new members will pay a joining fee which is double the amount of your chosen Membership Package. This fee is a one off cost, regardless of how many years you stay with us. Each joining fee covers the administration cost of setting up new Memberships, with the remaining balance going towards the purchase of land / property to open our centres. Ongoing Membership Package fees will be used to run our centres and provide our Members with the benefits listed now and our many planned future improvements.


Please click here to read our Constitution prior to joining. You will receive a copy of this with your Membership Confirmation.

Important! If your pet has any dietary conditions or allergies, please make a note to let us know so we can create a bespoke package for you.  


If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, are interested in taking on a role within our Committee or would like to make a donation to help our National Pet Health Service progress, please email us and we will respond as soon as we can.



What are the benefits of Club Pro?

If you opt for a Club Pro package, you will have the opportunity to create a tailor made food and supplies package for your pet which will be delivered to your home monthly. As we have created partnerships with a huge range of brands at wholesale prices, you will receive more for your money than you usually would when compared to purchases made directly with brands or their retail outlets.

What does access to our National Pet Health Service mean?

Please click here for more information.

Any further FAQ's which come in will be added to this section.

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